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Hello my fellow squirt-lovers! Today I just finished my last exam and I`m done with this semester! Ignoring you gu…I mean, studying hard has really paid off and I passed all my classes and I`m well on my way to graduating.Good shit.
Enough with the boring stuff and let`s start with the fun part of this post: some female ejaculation movies!!
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Hello, my fellow squirtlovers! As the title says, we are not dead, I was just really busy with some personal stuff this week (which isn`t over yet) and haven`t even had the time to sit down on the computer.To make up for this lack of daily squirtage, I`ve got a bunch of galleries for you to peruse:
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Blonde fucking in the beachWell, I just got done with the first round of exams I have these 2 weeks before I finish this semester.I managed to do pretty well and I`m happy with the results.But you guys prolly dont want to read about that and want to get down to some squirtin business!
Check out these three movies with a blonde babe fucking on the beach. It does not have much actual female ejaculation action but the complete video does show this girl gushing her little pussy out.You can watch the whole thing over at I Love To

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Yeah I know I`ve been missing for the past days, but I`m really fucking swamped right now and I got a bunch of exams coming up next week.
But never fear, squirting girl movies are here! Check out this blonde hottie getting fucked and spraying her sweet load . See her is a kicks ass site that I`m really enjoying.
I hope I got some more time tomorrow for an update,right now I`m beat.But I got some cool stuff coming up….

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hot blonde squirtingHello my friends.After a busy weekend partying I`m back with some more blonde squirting movies.This time this a hot blonde babe is getting fucked real hard.Then she proceeds to squirt the guy in the mouth and he licks it up like a puppy.I didn`t see that one coming…
I also have a gallery I made myself this time with a hot brunette ejaculating. I made this gallery to share with you guys what I found in a site I love called Leaking ,so check it out and see just why I like this site so much.

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We all know that every man`s favorite thing in life (apart from getting sex) is watching two girls having sex.Lesbians are a wonderful thing and these two are hot and horny.We got four movies today of these hot and horny lesbians fucking each other with dildos and cumming like a fucking geyser.These girls don`t kid around at all.Watch them, courtesy of my friends at Real

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Leakingliquids.comWell, the last few days here at HQ have been very educating.But we really feel you want to see more of this squirting girls action.And what better way than with four videos of a lovely lovely brunette fingering herself on a couch.This girl really gets in to it my friends! And of course the gran finale to this show is a gusher! You can see it on the picture to your left or you can click on it and enjoy four totally free porn movies of this girl fingering herself and wetting that fucking couch!. This one comes courtesy of our buddies over at Leaking

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Sorry about the lack of updates, I`ve been pretty busy with college and I barely have any free time right now.But I am back now and I`ve got a great I Love To Squirt gallery for you!! This time, our old favorite,Briana Banks, gets fucked HARD in the desert by some lucky dude who the proceeds to make her squirt and ejaculate torrentially.Check out this Briana Banks Fucking and Ejaculating gallery here , courtesy of our friends at!!

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